Welcome to Touchandgo’s documentation!

Touchandgo is a CLI application and python library to download and stream torrents

Using touchandgo

touchandgo [movie name]
touchandgo [series name] [season] [episode]

E.g.:  touchandgo Crisis 1 5
       touchandgo "true blood" 7 10
       touchandgo "true blood" 7 10 --sub spa
       touchandgo "never ending story"


positional arguments:
name                  The name of the series or movie
season_number         Season number
episode_number        Episode number

optional arguments:
-h, --help            show this help message and exit
--sub [SUB]           Subtitle language
--serve               Do not run VLC
--quality [QUALITY]   quality of the video [normal|hd|fullhd]
--daemon              Daemonize the process
--port PORT, -p PORT  The port where the stream will be served
--verbose             Show _all_ the logs
--player PLAYER       Player to use. vlc|omxplayer|chromecast
--search SEARCH       search lib to use (only option right now is 'kat' for
                      kickass torrents)
--nocache             Search for the torrent again

How to run streaming proxy

In the command line


In your browser open http://<server address>:5000 to use de web UI

In your video player open http://<server address>:5000/crisis/1/5 Equivalent to “touchandgo Crisis 1 5” but directly in the player :D

just enjoy it.



  • python-libtorrent
  • python-dev
sudo apt-get install python-libtorrent python-dev

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